Temple Tour : Varanasi

399.00 3 hours

Join us with the walk on the narrow alleys of temples and feel the grandiose of the oldest living city in the world. Visiting the four most popular temples from the eye of a native, you can take away the blessings and the glistening essence of the place for a lifetime.

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Come with us on our walk to the temples in the ‘spiritual city of India’. One of the oldest cities in the world, is also the perfect place to get a glimpse of the cultures and traditions of North India. The city has innumerable number of temples and each one having its own story.

We take you to four most famous temples of Varanasi- starting our journey with the temple dedicated to the female prowess and the belief that the Goddess always protects the city from all the evils. Then we move on to the temple built in the remembrance of Tulsi das. It is dedicated to the epic of Ramanaya and the engravings on the walls and it reads excerpt from ‘Ramcharitmanas’.  Next on our list will be the temple dedicated to the greatest preacher of Lord Ram. It also attracts large number of tourist because of the presence of monkeys in the temple. The final temple on our walk will be the temple that people visit to attain spiritual claim / nirvana.
Time – 3hours

Distance – Up to 5 kms

Days- Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri

Reporting Time – 10:00 AM

Price- Rs.199 (resident) and Rs.399 (Non resident)

(Note:-Please bring some coins for locker and shoe keeping)

Meeting point: goStops Hostel , Varanasi

How do I get there:  Take the transport available and drop off at Kerala Café, Bhelupur.