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Unhappy With Your Guesthouse/ Hotel/ Resort’s Revenue?

Transform your property into a goSTOPS hostel

Becoming a franchise partner with goSTOPS is easy & rewarding!



Reach Out

If you own a 15-40 rooms guesthouse/hotel/resort or have taken one for at least 12 years lease, reach out to us!



The Math

Our design team will assess your property+location and will give you an estimate on how much it would cost to transform your property to meet goSTOPS standards



We have a deal!

We explain and discuss the terms and agree upon on a registered deed




Our design team will advise & assist you in the transformation process which usually takes 6-8weeks.



Sit back & relax!

goSTOPS will operate the property, handle all the operational expenses and will pay you the rent as well as a 15% IRR on your investment over a period of five years!

Get guaranteed return on your investment

Join the revolution with India’s largest youth hostel brand


Why goSTOPS, and not any other brand? Here’s why.


End to End Professionally Managed Operations From Day Zero

Dedicated operations, HR, quality assurance and training teams. 24x7 omni-channel customer support, highly optimized SOPs for efficient operations. E2E curated F&B and experiences supply chain.


Professional Sales, Marketing & Distribution

150k+ followers across all social media platforms, growing multiple local/ international booking partners including colleges/ universities, real time revenue management and dedicated in-house marketing team focused on optimizing brand presence.


Insight Based Design Intelligence

Locally inspired and sourced design elements, design intelligence in line with the needs of the youth - quirky, artsy, young and social, state-of the-art beds, mattresses and other infrastructure.


Best-in-Class Technology Deployment

Customized hotel management software for end-to-end management of bookings, IoT based energy efficiency and revenue assurance systems, direct bookings enablement and engagement through brand website and mobile app, integrated CRM/ERP/customer support/PMS/Wi-Fi systems authentication system for higher customer experience and efficient operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your guesthouse/hotel/resort needs to have anywhere between 15-40 rooms and all valid hotel trade licenses.
A 15-40 rooms hotel can accommodate 75-125 beds. It usually costs approximately 15k to 40k (all-inclusive) per bed to transform a hotel into a goSTOPS-standard hostel. The per bed transformation cost depends on the condition of the building and its existing furniture, fixture and equipment.
Once you reach out to us and your property fits our requirement, we will visit, assess and give you a transformation estimate and plan. Once the terms are agreed upon, the contract will be signed and registered. The process can take around 2-4 weeks. It will take another 6-8 weeks to transform your property in order to meet our standards & specification and go live.
A youth hostel differs from a regular hotel as it caters to a completely different demographic (youth) and has different requirements from a hotel. In addition to essential requirements like bunk beds and mattresses, the property will also need some electrical work to accommodate power outlets/lamps/fans for each bed and also common spaces with additional facilities and recreational amenities to encourage social interactions between guests. Of course, if your property is an already existing youth hostel, the transformation costs would be substantially lower.
We are currently looking for larger properties with 15+ rooms. If your rooms are large enough, we could consider the property on a case-by-case basis. However, you will still need to have all valid hotel trade licenses.
Do reach out to us so we can discuss alternative options.
We will give you a 15% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on the additional investment over a period of 5 years.