Ghats Tour : Varanasi

599.00 4 hours

Unlike your friends, the Ghats of Varanasi have vivid stories and a rich life!

Enjoy a one on one with them as the setting sun makes way for the dazzling evening Aarti!

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Join us in our journey as we descend to steps of heaven in Varanasi. The steps built by the kings were believed to be the passage of attaining nirvana. The Ghats of the city are the soul of the city.

In our boat ride along the river, we will visit the Ghats during which one can go through myriad number of emotions- from seeing people taking bath alongside the Ghat to bodies being burned. The Ghats speak a lot about the city: spiritual and disheartening, exciting yet frightening. We will take you to witness the famous Ganga aarti and visit the ghat which has a legend associated about the time when Goddess Durga killed demon Shumbha- Nishumbha . The Ghats in the city tell you more about the history associated with the beautiful city.

Time – 3hours

Distance – Up to 5 kms

Days- Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun

Reporting Time – 4:00PM

Price- Rs.299 (resident) and Rs.599 (Non resident)

Meeting point: goStops Hostel , Varanasi

How do I get there:  Take the transport available and drop off at Kerala Café, Bhelupur.