Jodhpur Artisans and Bazaar Walk

499.00 4 hours

Want to feel like royalty?

Sit down with the artisans of Jodhpur! From colorful Jootis, lacquer bangles and Banhanis to silver jewelry and epic swords the bazaars make you feel like one!


Being a desert region, agriculture could not have been a sustainable occupation in Rajasthan. So when kingdoms started settling here, the common folk had to come up with alternative options to sustain their livelihoods. Moreover, life here at times became a little dull. So the people here liked to spice up their lives by wearing embroidered mojdis, colourful ghagras, lacquered bangles and silver jewellery. These two factors combined together led to the rise of Rajasthani artisans and made it a popular trading hub.

Through this walk, we will explore the many Bazaars of Jodhpur. Not just to shop but also to interact with some incredible craftsmen and listen to their stories.


Meeting Point : goStops Jodhpur

Distance Covered : 2.4km

Duration : 4 hours

Scheduled Days : Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Time : 4 PM

Price : INR 299 (Residents)

INR 499 (Non- Residents)

(Includes transportation, guide fee and tea)

What to carry : Water bottles

Comfortable shoes

Money to buy things

How to get there:

Full Address : Plot No. 1, Fort Road, Paota, Opposite Irani Masjid, Next to Balaji Temple, Near Ship Building, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Nearest Railway Station : Jodhpur Junction

Nearest Bus Station : Raika Bagh Central Bus Station


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