Varanasi Bazaar Walk

450.00 4 hours

Join us for the walk along the colourful, narrow streets of Varanasi. We take you to the biggest grocery market in Asia, spice, iron and milk markets which wind through the small alleys of the old city.

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We take you to the narrow alleys of the ‘cultural capital of India’ and visit the unique markets of Varanasi. The zenith of exotic India has many street markets which have been the lifeline of the city for long.

We start our tour with the market which has all the ingredients that make the famous Indian ‘mouth freshener’. We move onto the biggest grocery market in Asia as it attracts people all over India because of the variety of Indian spices and Dry fruits it offers. Then we head through the iron and milk markets all of which wind through the small alleys of the old city. Finally, we visit the market famous for its vibrant colors and overwhelming smell.

Meeting Point : goStops Varanasi

Time : 3 hours

Distance : 5 kms

Scheduled Days : Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Reporting Time : 4 PM

Price : FREE (Residents)
INR 450 (Non-residents)

Note : Please bring INR 30 for transportation

How do I get there:  Take the transport available and drop off at Kerala Café, Bhelupur.

Full Address : Plot No. B-20/47, A-2, Vijayanagaram Colony, Bhelupur, In the alley next to LG Store Bhelupur, Near Bhelupur Water Tank, Varanasi


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