1.We really wanted to start this summer with a bang. 

Not the cliched ‘yaar sunburn chalte hain!’ bang. This is something to break away from all the heat & monotony, bang. #CoTravel

Rather than making it a day, lets make it a week! and rather than making it one destination,make it four, in the lap of nature with loads of adventure activities.
|Starts from 6th May|

2. We get a bus, 15 interesting people and a cassette full of Eddie Vedder songs.

Lets laugh, Camp, Travel together as a gang. And you don’t have to worry about the travel equipment, the people or the music. (we have a 1 Justin Beiber song per day policy)

3. If you are wondering, ”is sab ka paisa kaun dega bro?”. Well, We are glad you asked.

All those who are selected will have to pay 17,999 Rs. each in advance. Which includes the travel,the stay, the food and all the adventure activities. The booze or a gift for a loved one comes as per your requirements. We are not making any money out of it but its just that we really care about travel, and umm… you?

4.The Plan is such that you will go, “Ae bro kya mast plan hai!”

Intensive Camping Expedition:


1) Intensive Rock Climbing
2) Fruit and Flower picking for juices and jams

1) Angling and body surfing at Kosi River
2) Outdoor camping in the wilderness

1) White water kayaking and slithering
2) Trekking upto hidden waterfall pools

1) Night trek to the haunted lake along with a mid night swim
2) Birding Hike

5. In the end, we will leave for our own places, our own jobs, and we will not believe it but, “What a Journey it will be, Bro!” 

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17,999 Rs Only! A great friggin’ budget to move and rest…for 1 friggin’ week….with 15 FRIGGIN AWESOME PEOPLE! We Leave on 6th May.